CSS Hunley

CSS Hunley    
[Image courtesy of the Museum of the Confederacy]

Warren Lasch Conservation Center
1250 Supply St, North Charleston SC 29405

On Feb 17, 1864, the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley slipped into Charleston Harbor, its crew hand-cranking the cigar-shaped vessel toward Union ships blockading the port. Later that night the Hunley managed to spear the USS Housatonic with an explosive device, sinking the huge Union warship. After signaling toward shore, the Hunley disappeared, not to be seen again until 2000 when the wreck was discovered and raised. The Hunley is now undergoing restoration at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center

The public is invited to view the Hunley as it undergoes conservation. Visitors see exhibits and films describing the history of the submarine and its recovery. Objects recovered from the wreck include the $20 gold piece carried by Lt. George Dixon, commander of the Hunley. Reservations for the weekend tours are strongly suggested.

Open for tours 10 am–5 pm Saturday, noon–5 pm Sunday. $16/adult plus service fee (call 877-448-6539).


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