Port Hudson State Historic Site

Port Hudson

Gunners defend Port Hudson

236 Highway 61, Jackson LA 70748

Confederates fortified this bluff above the Mississippi River after the fall of New Orleans in April 1862. By mid-1863, Port Hudson controlled one of the last stretches of the Mississippi River still under Confederate control. The only viable links left to the Trans-Mississippi Confederacy were here and at Vicksburg. While Union Gen. U.S. Grant moved against Vicksburg, Federal forces under Gen. Nathaniel Banks approached Port Hudson and began a siege. After several bloody battles, some involving Union black troops, the Confederate forts at Port Hudson finally fell July 9, 1863.
A visitor center and 6 miles of interpreted trails tell the story. Guided tours are offered.

Open Wednesday-Sunday 9 am–5 pm. $4/adult.