Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

Ray House

The Ray House at Wilson’s Creek

6424 W Farm Road 182, Republic MO 65738-9514

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek, fought Aug. 10, 1861, was the first major engagement west of the Mississippi River and was a Confederate victory. Union troops under Gen. Nathaniel Lyon camped in Springfield, marched about 10 miles southwest to confront the threat posed by a combined Southern force more than twice their number under Gens. Sterling Price and Ben McCulloch. Lyon was killed during the five-hour battle, and his successor ordered a withdrawal back to Springfield.
A 4.9-mile driving trail takes visitors through this well-preserved battlefield.

Park visitor center open daily at least 9 am-5 pm. Hours vary by season with extended hours during the summer. $7/adult, $15 maximum per carload.